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PADI Dive Center # 27629
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Cozumel Reef Diving

With its spectacular coral reefs and Caribbean sea-life, Cozumel offers world class diving for all levels and is a photographer's paradise!

Dive Cenotes Cozumel
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Cenote Diving

Safely explore these breathtaking caverns filled with ancient wonders and beauty.
The memories will last forever!

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Scuba Courses

We are an official PADI Dive Center #27629 and SSI Dive Center #. We offer Recreational, Technical and Professional courses.


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Our Offer...

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With dozens of generic “THE BEST DIVE CENTER IN COZUMEL” shops to chose from, we think being DIFFERENT is BETTER !


We are your local contact and full-service concierge for Cozumel villa & condo rentals, private chefs, in-home spa services, scuba diving, adventure tours, cultural tours, boat & plane charters, vehicle rentals, grocery delivery and much more.

  • We offer guided diving on the Cozumel reefs and the cenotes of the Mayan Riviera.
  • We teach PADI recreational, technical and professional courses.
  • We have standard, professional and technical dive gear for rent.
  • The rental equipment is new, well maintained and serviced to Aqualung’s strict specifications.
  • We have a professional underwater photographer & videographer waiting to record your memories.
  • We have a certified equipment specialist and technician to fix and service your dive gear.
  • Our instructors are PADI certified, Emergency First Aid Instructors, Oxygen Providers, have insurance and are legal to work in Cozumel.
We will carry, clean, store & take extreme care of your gear for the duration of your trip.
  • With your permission, we will assemble and inspect your gear before every dive. 
  • Your dive gear will be flushed, washed and rinsed after every day of diving.
  • After your last dive, your BCD bladder and release valves will be flushed with a mild fungicide cleaner and rinsed with clean water. The rest of your gear will be thoroughly washed, rinsed and inspected. Your gear will be ready for safe storage until your next dive trip.
Jungle Divers believes that safety is paramount while diving.
To help ensure that your diving with us is kept not only enjoyable, but also safe, we have strict safety standards.
  • We carry our own complete first aid kit and oxygen on every dive boat as well as at the dive center.
  • All dives are guided by our experienced PADI instructors who provide a thorough briefing on how to dive the sites safely.
  • Groups of 4 to 6 divers get a private instructor, we often can have a private instructor for smaller groups, however you should reserve one in advance if you absolutely want a private guide. Maximum divers per instructor is 6.
  • For Discover Scuba Diving programs we have a maximum of 2 divers per instructors.
  • Individual dive planning is mandatory. We can show you how to use a dive computer and explain the benefits.
  • All recreational dives are no-decompression dives.
  • Maximum depth according to your level or experience. Absolute max depth for recreational divers is 130 feet – 40 meters.
  • We always make a safety stop at 15 feet – 5 meters for 3 minutes before surfacing.
  • All rental BCDs are equipped with a whistle and a surface marker.
  • We have noise makers, surface markers and whistles for divers who wish to borrow them.
  • When choosing the dive sites we take into consideration the divers’ level & experience and predicted environmental conditions for safety and enjoyment.
  • Divers are encouraged to stay close to the instructor during the dives for safety, they like to show you the highlights!
  • Divers with special needs and divers who had traumatic dive experiences are welcome! Our instructors are extremely patient and have the skills & extensive experience working with divers who need exclusive and specific attention.
  • Jungle Divers is a Divers Alert Network Partner (DAN Dive Insurance).
  • We are proud partners of the Cozumel Hyperbaric Chamber and MEDITUR Medical Services.
Come as a guest, leave as a friend.
  • We have many boat options for private and shared dive charters.
  • We include fresh fruits, snacks and great choices of drinks & lunches on every trip.
  • Drinks include bottled purified water, fruit juices, soft drinks and… BEER! (yes, yes after the last dive!).
  • Snacks include granola bars, cookies and fresh fruits.
  • On shared charters, lunch will be served between dives. It includes guacamole, corn chips, pico de gallo, tuna salad and ham & cheese sandwiches.
  • On sunset dives we serve BBQ grilled chicken with rice, guacamole and corn chips.
  • Ask us about our different food and drink options if you feel like something different.
How’s the Diving ?
  • Divers receive a thorough briefing on the park rules, safety, dive site layout & conditions and marine life.
  • Our maximum dive time is 75 minutes. We offer NITROX and different tanks sizes.
  • Discover Scuba Diving (non-certified divers) is maximum 2 divers per instructor.
  • Private guides for groups of 4, maximum divers per group is 6.
  • Private guides for hire for groups less than 4 divers.
  • We plan and guide our dives to avoid the underwater high traffic zones for a more exclusive experience.
  • Our guides are photographers and experts at pointing the amazing and diversified marine life.
  • Our guides may carry cameras to capture your memories of marine life encounters.
  • Discover Scuba Diving divers who want pictures need to hire a photographer.
  • Check and like our Facebook page!
  • Our guides use magnetic writing slates to better communicate and to name the marine life underwater.
  • We have a professional video/photographer you can hire for spectacular results.
  • Divers with special needs and divers who had traumatic dive experiences are welcome! Our instructors are extremely patient and have the skills & extensive experience working with divers who need exclusive attention.


Villa Blanca Hotel Cozumel

Hotel Villablanca

Great Value
  • Walking Distance to the Shop
  • Budget Seaside Hotel
Gone Coastal Cozumel

Gone Coastal

Beach Villa with Private Dock
  • Spacious and Comfortable
  • Home Away from Home
Reef Condo Cozumel

Reef Condo

Home in Paradise
  • Condo Resort Style
  • Beach Access

We Offer ALL INCLUSIVE Dive Vacations

Private International Chefs - Cleaning & Laundry Services - Nanny Services - Car Rental - Adventure & Archelogical Tours

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Palancar Gardens is one of the most popular dive sites at Cozumel. It has some amazing coral formations and vast amounts of marine life.
There are countless passages, arches, small openings and towers of coral that will blow your mind.


splendid toadfish cozumel

Yucab generally has a mild current, which encourages healthy reef growth. It is a low profile reef with a generous amount of sea life and great luminosity. Reef heads range from 10 – 20 feet tall. If your air consumption is good, you can finish your dive on Tormentos reef.

Padi Tecrec Cozumel




Dos Ojos Barbie Line

Cenote Dos Ojos is most probably the world’s best cavern dives.
It’s filled with ancient fossils, towering speleothems, mesmerizing light effects and an air dome filled with bats and stalactites.



Cenote Kukulcan is widely known for the incredible light effects it displays every morning. The first one for many because it’s the easiest one to start with and fall in love with the Yucatan cavern diving.


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