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Why Dive with Jungle Divers?

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Diver-Focused Services​

  • All our 2 tank dive trips include a full lunch or dinner, fresh fruits, snacks, bottled water, juices, soft drinks and BEER!
  • Ask us about our different food and drink options if you prefer vegetarian options or feel like something different.
  • We offer 60cf and 80cf pro valve tanks. We have 100cf tanks available at extra cost.
  • We offer Nitrox 32% and 36%. Ask us well in advance for more exotic mixes.
  • Dive boats will pick you up from most resort docks south of the FONATUR marina. Be prepared to pay a dock fee to your resort.
  • Multilingual private guides and instructors are available.
  • We will carry, clean, store, set up and take extreme care of your gear for the duration of your trip.
  • With your approval, we will assemble and inspect your gear before every dive.
  • After the last dive of your vacation, your BCD bladder and release valves will be flushed with a fungicide cleaner and rinsed with fresh water. The rest of your gear will also be thoroughly washed, rinsed and inspected, ready for safe storage until your next trip.
safety first

Safety First

  • Your safety is our main concern so you can enjoy all Cozumel diving has to offer.
  •  The dive boats are fully equipped with emergency oxygen, a fully stocked marine first aid kit and radios on emergency channels.
  • All boat and dive staffs are oxygen providers and first aid certified.
  • We strictly follow the PADI Safe Diving Practices and the Cozumel Marine Park Rules.
  • We organize dive groups and dive sites according to your skills, experience and comfort level.
  • We strongly suggest you dive Cozumel with a loud whistle, noise-maker and bright surface marker. We can lend them on request.
  • We do not physically interact or harass marine life.
  • Dive insurance is strongly recommended when diving in Cozumel. You can buy DAN insurance through us.
  • We are partner with the Costamed hyperbaric chamber. We can direct you to any chamber that deals with DAN on the island.
air gauge

Extended Bottom Times

The longer, the better!

  • Cozumel diving is blessed with mellow currents which translates to smooth drift diving, allowing divers to relax and enjoy the view using very little air.
  • Most of the dive sites have shallow areas where the colors and density of marine life are greater, oh and it allows for longer dives too! Perfect for photographers.
  • Dive times are limited by air and NDL’s. Dives end when you reach 500-700 PSI or 5-10 mins above your computer’s no-decompression limits.
  • Average dive times average 70-80 minutes at average depths of 30-50 feet.
  • Small groups of 4 divers with similar skills and air consumption.
  • Nitrox 32% and 36% is available for a small extra.
  • Larger capacity 100cf tanks are also available at extra cost.
world class diving cozumel

World Class Diving in Cozumel

  • Crystal clear 100 feet plus visibility all year round!
  • Water temperature varies between 78°F and 84°F.
  •  Cozumel is known for some of the best drift diving in the world. The currents run on most reefs. Average current is about 1-2 knots but can climb up to 5 or 6 if conditions are right!
  • Cozumel offers an incredible amount and density of diverse marine life. Docile nurse sharks, varied turtles, colorful parrotfishes, angelfishes and giant moray eels are common on most dive sites.
  • Cozumel is a photographer’s paradise! Diving in Cozumel you will find great seascapes and marine life matched with crystal clear visibility for wide-angle photography.
  • Cozumel diving offers a dizzying amount of macro critters and great muck diving.
  • Diving in Cozumel you will encounter towering walls of colorful sponges and healthy coral, bright tunnels, cathedral-like caves, swim-throughs, wrecks and amazing shore dives.


dive team cozumel

Experienced & Caring Staff

  • Safety-minded, experienced multilingual PADI instructors will show you a great time on the Cozumel reefs.
  • All instructors are Emergency First Aid Instructors, Oxygen Providers, have insurance and are legal to work in Mexico and the Cozumel Marine Park.
  • Most of the instructors are photographers and passionate about Cozumel diving and its wildlife, they know where to look!
  • Our guides are experts at finding and pointing out Cozumel’s amazing and diverse marine life. They will take you to the most fascinating parts of every dive site, always matching your skills and experience.
  • Our instructors are extremely patient and have the skills & extensive experience working with divers who need exclusive attention or specific needs.
  • All dive boats are manned by safe and experienced local captains and their friendly and helpful crew.
padi dive center

PADI Dive Center

  • We are an official PADI Dive Center #27629.
  • Start learning NOW! PADI online training available here!
  • Highest standards of quality, safety, professionalism and value expected from a PADI Dive Center.
padi courses

PADI Courses

  • We strictly adhere to PADI standards.
  • We have the latest multilingual PADI learning material.
  • We offer PADI courses from novice to professional and TEC
  • We certify divers who master all the required skills and are safety conscious, certification is based on the successful completion of all parts of the course.
  • Certification is not guaranteed, but we guarantee we will take the time it takes to review the difficult sections and make sure you have the skills to be a safe self-sufficient diver.
padi tecrec cozumel

Technical Diving

  • Experience the extreme side of diving that can take you further into realms untouched by the majority of divers.
  • We offer PADI TEC 40, TEC 45, TEC 50 courses.
  • We also offer PADI Self-Reliant and PADI Sidemount and PADI Cavern Diver courses.

rental gear cozumel

Top Notch Dive Equipment

  • We have standard and professional grade scuba gear for rent.
  • We have weight integrated bcd’s, superior Legend regulators, open heel fins and boots available for rent.
  • We have masks of all sizes and brands for your comfort.
  • We rent Aqualung BCD’s and regulators.
  • We have full and short wetsuits available.
  • We rent Cressi Leonardo dive computers.
  • All rental gear is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after every use.
  • All rental gear is cleaned and maintained above the manufacturer’s specifications.
Cozumel repair shop

Scuba Repair Shop

  • Our certified technician has more than 16 years of experience working on Aqualung, Scubapro, Mares, Cressi, Dive Rite, Hog and Deep6 diving equipment.
  • We will be happy to repair, maintain, clean and store your scuba gear.
  • If you warn us in advance, we can have a turn around time of 12 hours! If not, expect 2-5 days.
  • We can change batteries on most computer and transmitter brands.
preserve cozumel reefs

We Care

  • We care about Cozumel reefs and do everything we can to protect them.
  • We have many metal & plastic ocean & beach cleanups on the east side.
  • Our online shop  Jungle Style donates to the Cozumel Turtle Rescue organization.
  • We encourage all divers to grab plastic trash while diving.
  • We strictly follow the Cozumel Marine Park rules.
  • We organize lionfish hunting expeditions.
DAN dive insurance Cozumel

DAN Dive Insurance

  • We are a DAN Industry Partner.
  • While you attend our PADI Open Water class and you are an American or Canadian resident, you are covered by DAN at no additional cost for the duration of your PADI Open Water course.
  • Dive insurance is strongly suggested when diving in Cozumel. You can buy DAN insurance through us.
  • We are partner with the Costamed hyperbaric chamber. We can direct you to any chamber that deals with DAN on the island.

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