Bull Sharks

Playa del Carmen

Dive with Bull Sharks

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  • Departures from Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Cancun

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The Bull Sharks that come to the shallow waters of Playa del Carmen are pregnant females, it is believed they favor the oxygen rich cenote water pouring out from the coast.

  • Bull Sharks can live in fresh or salt water
  • Bull sharks have a life span of 16 years
  • They can swim to depths of 490ft/150m
  • They can be up to 3.5 meters/11.5ft long and can weigh up to 225kg/500lbs
  • Pregnancy lasts 12 months and they may have litters of up to 16 pups
  • Bull Shark pups measure around 70cm/27 inches
  • Young pups live in groups in brackish water where larger predators can’t go

To dive with bull sharks, you will need to own an Advanced Open Water Certification.
The depth of this dive is 80 – 100 feet (24-30 meters). It is not always an easy dive as sometimes there can be a strong currents present and we need to do calm controlled descents and ascents together as a group.
Confidence and good dive skills will make this dive more enjoyable. You can always refine your buoyancy control and breathing techniques by completing a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course with us and you can always extend your bottom time by choosing to dive with Nitrox Enriched Air.

Bull Shark Diving Rules

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