Yellowtail Parrotfish

(Sparisoma rubripinne)

The Yellowtail Parrotfish is primarily an algae eater but also eats sponges.


Initial Phase​

Terminal Phase

Habitat and Distribution

Yellowtail parrotfish is found mostly in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean

Diet and Behavior

Yellowtail parrotfish  are typically herbivorous. Both juvenile and adults feed on benthic algae and sponges.


Yellowtail parrotfish are protogynous hermaphrodite, changing sex from female to male.
The sex ratio during spawning is three males to one female.
The aggregations usually occur at a depth of 18m which is of a greater depth that the water they are usually found in.
The fertilization process is external, sperm are released into the water around the female.

Conservation Status

Currently listed by the IUCN as of least concerned due to large numbers commonly found in their native geographic range.