Cenote Zapote & Kin Ha


Yes Please ($10.00)


Zapote aka Hells Bells has very unique bell-shaped formations found only in this area. The bells are the result of a process involving algae and bacteria and actually grow UNDERWATER and have been growing for thousands of years! The bells start appearing at around 30m/100ft, there is also a thick layer of hydrogen sulfide around that depth. The name Zapote comes from the fruit-bearing tree Sapote which also produces latex sap, chicle, mostly used for making chewing gum or playing balls by ancient Mayans.

Kin Ha is deep but has fine silt mounds rising up to 30m/100ft where we usually start the dive and then slowly spiral up, close to the wall where you will see weird shapes bubble formations, stalactites and bell-shaped formations that can only be found in this area of the Yucatan! There are also sun rays piercing the blue clear water like blue laser beams reaching the deep bottom, dancing on the fine gray silt.