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PADI Open Water Referral Cozumel

The PADI Open Water Referral course is an entry level scuba diving course designed to take you from a non-diver with little or no prior experience to a certified scuba diver. This certification is recognized worldwide and is valid for life, to a maximum depth of 18 meters / 60 feet.

This course consists of online or class theory sessions, one confined water pool training session and four open water dives.
During the course you will practice and master the skills that you will need to be a safe and competent Scuba Diver, with your PADI instructor devoting maximum time to teaching you fun and safe diving techniques.

Start your PADI Open Water Course before you arrive in Cozumel with the PADI eLearning or at your local dive center and complete the Confined Water sessions at your local pool or dive center.
By completing the knowledge development and confined water training sessions in your hometown, you’re ready to start having fun in the water as soon as you arrive in Cozumel!


  1. Minimum age: 15 years (10 years for the PADI Junior Open Water Diver).
  2. Ability to swim 200 meters or snorkel for 300 meters using mask, snorkel & fins.
  3. Ability to float for 10 minutes.
  4. Duration: 2 half days.


Day 1:8am to 12pmTheory Session Review
1pm to 5pmConfined Water Training Session
Day 2:8am to 3pmTwo Boat Training Dives

PADI Open Water Referral

Shore Training Dives
$ 250
  • 1 Theory Review Sessions
  • 4 Shore Training Dives

PADI Open Water Referral​

Mixed Training Dives
$ 325
  • 1 Theory Review Sessions
  • 2 Shore Training Dives
  • 2 Boat Training Dives

PADI Open Water Referral​

Boat Training Dives
$ 350
  • 1 Theory Review Sessions
  • 4 Boat Training Dives

What's Included:

What's Not Included:

Course Details:

If you want to get certified and dive in paradise without spending your precious vacation time in a classroom and learning skills in the pool, you can complete the Knowledge Development sessions online with the eLearning program or at your local dive shop and you can complete the Confined Training Dives at your local pool or dive center. 
Then all you need to do once you’re in Cozumel is to successfully complete the 4 Open Water training dives over 2 half days.

The PADI Open Water Referral Course is for students who have already completed the Knowledge Development and Confined Water Training Sessions.

The PADI Open Water Diver Referral course consists of three main phases:
1. Knowledge development to understand the basics of scuba diving.
2. Confined water/ pool dives to learn basic scuba skills.
3. Open water dives to use your skills and explore.

Knowledge Development:

During the first phase of your scuba lessons, you’ll learn the basic principles of scuba diving such as

  • What to consider when planning dives.
  • How to choose the right scuba gear for you.
  • Underwater signals and other diving procedures.
  • How to prevent and deal with problems.

You’ll learn this valuable information by reading it in the PADI Open Water Diver Manual with your instructor at your local dive shop or by using the PADI Open Water Diver eLearning. At the end of each online chapter, you’ll answer knowledge reviews and quizzes about the material to ensure you understand it. At the end of the course, you’ll take an final exam that ensures you have thorough knowledge of scuba diving basics.

Once you arrive to the Jungle Divers’ dive shop, with your friendly and very patient PADI insructor, you will go through a review of what you have learned and a quick review exam to top it off.

Confined Training Sessions:

You’ll develop basic scuba skills in a pool or in confined water – a body of water with pool-like conditions. The basic scuba skills you learn during your certification course will help you become familiar with your scuba gear and become a skilled underwater explorer.
Some of the essential skills you learn include:

  • Setting up your scuba gear.
  • How to get water out of your mask.
  • Entering and exiting the water.
  • Buoyancy control.
  • Basic underwater navigation.
  • Safety procedures.
  • Underwater communication.

You’ll practice these skills with an instructor until you’re comfortable. When you’re ready, it’s time for your underwater adventure to begin at an open water dive site.

Open Water Training Sessions:

After your confined water dives, you’ll head to open water, where you and your instructor will make four dives over two days. The two first dives will have a max depth of 12 meters / 40 feet, while the last two will have a max depth of 18 meters / 60 feet.
On these dives you’ll get to explore the underwater world and you’ll apply the skills you learned in confined water while enjoying what the local environment has to offer. 
You will have options about making these dives from shore or on our dive boats for the deeper Cozumel reefs.

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