Greenblotch Parrotfish

(Sparisoma atomarium)

The Greenblotch Parrotfish is primarily an algae eater.
This type of parrotfish does not get very large only around 25 cm in length. 


Initial Phase​

Terminal Phase

Habitat and Distribution

The greenblotch parrotfish can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, Western Atlantic: Bermuda, southern Florida, and the Bahamas to northern South America.
It is found on both rocky and coral reefs at depths down to about 50 meters.

Diet and Behavior

The greenblotch parrotfish feed on the benthic algae lining coral reefs and  detritus, and at night it rests in turtle grass beds.
It is a diurnally active, herbivorous species.


Greenblotch parrotfish are protogynous hermaphrodites, which transition from females, in the juvenile phase, to mature males, in the terminal phase.
The greenblotch parrotfish are polygamous, they spawn in groups of one mature male and several females.
The eggs are scattered in dense turtle grass beds and left unguarded.

Conservation Status

Currently listed by the IUCN as of least concerned due to large numbers commonly found in their native geographic range.